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How Democracies Die author Daniel Ziblatt on the future of U.S. democracy

Mar 15, 2018

Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard professor and author of the best seller "How Democracies Die" visited University Park March 12 for a talk and book signing in the Hintz Family Alumni Center.

The book came about after Ziblatt and co-author Steven Levitsky, both comparative politics scholars, began seeing parallels between the United States and other countries around the world that slid from democracy into authoritarian governments.

Ziblatt and Levitsky argue that the U.S. is currently at a tipping point after decades of increasing polarization and Donald Trump's election in 2016. 

Read recaps of the talk in the The Daily Collegian and The Underground, or check out the video of the entire lecture and Q&A:



Gerrymandering Round Up

Our latest communications break down what's happening in the courts right now, and look the future of partisan gerrymandering.

Jan 17, 2018

In this piece on The Conversation, Managing Director Christopher Beem argues that partisan gerrymandering may be in its final days.

To help make sense of the court cases happening in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, Communications Specialist Jenna Spinelle spoke with Lindsay Lazarski of WHYY and Keystone Crossroads.

Director Michael Berkman was quoted in The Atlantic following a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision that Pennsylvania's map was unconstitutional.